For Employees Of Rhodes Wood Hospital

Considering a job at Rhodes Wood? See this.

If you’re already an employee of Rhodes Wood Hospital, you will no doubt be concerned at our campaign. We would like to acknowledge that there are many competent and caring people at Rhodes Wood who do a great job. We are grateful for all you have done for our children. However, we feel you are let down by your management.

Our recommendation would be to look for employment elsewhere and if you’ve got plans to leave anyway, to accelerate those plans.

If you have any information about safeguarding failures, bullying, being given harder or mundane work, demeaning or humiliating comments being made, insignificant issues about conduct being unduly highlighted, the way in which grievances and disciplinary issues are handled etc. please consider being a whistleblower to alert the authorities to the evidence you have. We undertake to cover your legal expenses. Please see this page.

Elysium have already lost at least one case when a whistle blowing employee suffered “detriment” i.e. the hospital treated him differently for having made a complaint. The law gives you significant protection as a whistle blower.


Our own page of staff names, email addresses etc.

Reviews that other Elysium employees have left and where you can leave your own review of your employers.

The offer we have to pay your legal expenses if you turn whistleblower and expose the bad, dangerous, negligent or illegal activities you’ve experienced at Rhodes Wood Hospital. Have you been bullied by your employers, been treated unfairly? You can avail of our offer anonymously by speaking directly with a lawyer and without disclosing your identity to us. We still pay the legal expenses.