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Note that we are not affiliated with Rhodes Wood Hospital and we cannot pass any messages to them.

If you wish to contact them directly, here are the contact details:
1. Postal Address
2. Telephone Numbers
3. Email Addresses


Rhodes Wood Hospital
Shepherds Way
Brookmans Park
Hatfield AL9 6NN


Switchboard: 01707 291500
You will be presented with the following options:
Option 1: Clinical Administration Team
Option 2: Shepherd Ward
Option 3: Cheshunt Ward
Option 4: Mymwood Ward (yes, even in Feb 2021, months after mymwood was closed!)
Option 5: Social Work Team
Option 6: Therapy Team
Option 7: HR & Recruitment Team
Option 8: Quality and Compliance Team
Option 9: Support Services Team
Option 0: Reception

Warning: Many of those options are permanently on voicemail and you’ll never get through to a human. With respect the wards, they sometimes pick the phone up but you almost certainly won’t get through at busy times – feed times / meal times / change of shift times.

We have direct dial numbers for all the main employees. If you register as a member of our forum we can share these with you (and share other useful information).


The email format for staff email addresses is the same as for all Elysium hospitals:

You can therefore work out the email address for any Rhodes Wood employee if you know their full name. So, for example, if there’s a John Smith, his email address would be Where there is a double-barrelled name, the format could differ. For example, the Director of Rhodes Wood Hospital is Nick Prentice-Harrison and his email address is

Some employees, however, use an NHS address instead of (or in addition to) an Elysium address. As an example, Nick’s PA’s email address is . Some can be contacted on both Elysium and NHS addresses: Rainbow Ward’s Administrator is Adriaane Fahy and she uses both and

If you are a patient at the hospital, or the parent / carer of a patient, you should have been provided a full list of the relevant staff. Be aware that staff change often – there’s very high staff turnover – so it may be worth contacting the hospital for the latest list.

If you’re a member of our forum (for example, if you’re a parent/carer of a patient and have been verified as such) we may be able to help you if you need a contact, email address or DD phone number.

Below are the names of some employees, extracted from their public profiles at LinkedIn. Note: This is but a small selection of the employees at Rhodes Wood.


CEO of Elysium Healthcare (owners of Rhodes Wood Hospital): Joy Chamberline

Director of Rhodes Woods Hospital: Nick Prentice-Harrison
(previous Director was Shaun O’Gara, till Dec 2019)
PA to the Director: Amaryllis Bamboulis-Capitelli
Head of Clinical Services: Christina Moloney [
Medical Director: Kirsty Fenton
Modern Matron: Sophie Whitman
Head of Therapies: Sophie Nesbitt
Nurse in charge of Rainbow Ward: Priya Acharya
Nurse in charge of Shepherd Ward: Ashleigh Underwood
Responsible Clinician: Dr Kike Ogunboye
Senior Clinical Psychologist: Nadine da Cal
Family Therapist: Fran Dix
Dietician: Ioanna Maniati
Ward Administrator: Adriaane Fahy

More emails (please contact us to add names we’ve missed). Given the high staff turnover, many of the below individuals may already have left by the time you read this page. Every week there’s at least one employee leaving Rhodes Wood Hospital! – 01707 291514 – 07551 295440 – 01707 291549 – 07471 998171 – 07471 998136 – 01707 291526 – – 01707 291539 – 01707 291533


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