Considering a job at Rhodes Wood?

If you’ve landed on this page you’ve probably clicked on an ad of ours targeted at individuals considering employment in Rhodes Wood Hospital. Welcome!

Prior to taking up a job at Rhodes Wood, we highly recommend you do some research on this place and what current employees have to say. We believe that the combination of CQC’s Inadequate rating for this hospital (since 2019), a lot of vacancies, and stories of hospitals like Milestones being shut down for lack of staff, don’t bode well for Rhodes Wood Hospital.

Current Jobs May 2021

Eating Disorder Support Worker

Mental Health Nurse

Consultant Psychiatrist

But that is not all, they’ve got PLENTY of other jobs as staff are regularly leaving.

They’re looking for a therapist to cover Nadine da Cal going on maternity leave (from June 2021):

They need at least one psychiatrist given that Dr Josh went in Jan and Dr Wiseman is leaving soon (and who knows how long Dr Ogunboye and Dr Fenton will last!).

They need to replace Panni, the maintenance guy.

But they also need nurses, support workers, admin staff, housekeeping staff, dieticians, chefs and catering assistants, housekeepers …everyone seems to be leaving! Here are some ads from the last 30 days:

This is a different ad to the previous one for a MH nurse which was offering £30K – £37K

Bear in mind that this is a TINY hospital with about a couple of dozen patients. So you need to ask yourself why they have so many vacancies. You can see the latest list of vacancies here if you search for keyword Rhodes Wood.

Why are they so desperately in need of staff? They’ve got job ads all over the place. In addition to the two locations from which the above examples were taken, they’ve got ads on Monster (example), NHS Jobs (example), Melga (example),, TotalJobs (example), Simply Hired (example) , TES (example) and other locations.

Read what other employees of Elysium Healthcare have said


Read what patients and their parents have to say

User Feedback

But the benefits sound great?!

They’ll talk about a “friendly, committed and established CAMHS Mental Health service”. They are established, well, Elysium Healthcare has been around since 2016. But committed? Depends on what you mean. The owners have squeezed this hospital (and others) for as much money as they could and they’ve put the whole group up for sale. Yes, it’s currently up for sale.

They’ll talk about the job being “enjoyable and rewarding”. You’ll be overworked and unpaid according to so many reviews at various job sites. There are also many complaints about bullying, stress, all sorts.

They’ll talk about a Welcome bonus, CPD packages, free massage at work, 33 days off plus your birthday. Yeah, your birthday as well! That’s how caring they are. Except that you need to speak with a current employee or two who’ll tell you what it’s really like. We can arrange that if you wish. The employee will talk with you anonymously; simply use our contact page to get in touch and provide your name and email address.

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