May 2021

This site is now #1 in Bing and #2 in Yahoo for the search term “Rhodes Wood Hospital”. And it’s rising in the Google rankings as well. Thank you to everyone for their support.

#1 ranking in Bing

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May 2021

The CEO of Elysium Healthcare visited the hospital. We are sure there will be lots of noise made about how fantastic a hospital it is and how brilliantly the visit went.

April 2021

The hospital made some major staff changes, moved people around within the wards and caused a lot of upset not just with patients, but staff as well. Patients lost key workers and others with whom they had build relationships and it was very distressing for them. Worse, this is just phase 1 of a 3 phase process so there are two more major changes to come.


The story of a mother forced to take matters into her own hands, first to investigate her son’s death and then to reform the mental-health system that failed him


Another Mental Health hospital is closed by CQC: Milestones Hospital was shut on Friday last week. That private hospital, like Rhodes Wood, is used by NHS trusts, including the region’s mental health services.

Do you know of any practises at Rhodes to be unsafe, abusive or otherwise unsatisfactory? Let us know.

This is how we treat vulnerable children in the UK: The troubling case of Girl G.


The first Family & Carers Council meeting was held on 18th Feb, 2021 at 4 PM. There were several staff members from the hospital present, and there were six parents / carers.

Topics covered included communications from the hospital, training in the use of restraints and on-site / off-site visits and family meal arrangements. If you haven’t received minutes from the meeting, contact Amy at the hospital.

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