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This place is quite frankly a horrendous please do not send your loved to this place. I beg you !
Your human rights will be stripped from you and you will be treated with less respect and dignity then a prisoner. You will be kept inside and left to your own thoughts at mealtimes.there is no support and often are short of staff. This doesn’t even skim the surface as there are many many issues in this place and the therapy here Is not adequate whatsoever I would never recommend this place to anyone informal or not.Rhodes wood is also not very hygienic and the rooms often smell of rotten eggs they also are extremely dirty, there is mold in the bathrooms and kitchen also there is dirt and sometimes blood on the walls. Not only this but there is also ensure replacement down the backs of the sofas and on the ceiling and not to mention there is bubbles on the ceiling that are and have been dripping but nothing has been done to resolve this issue. Surely this is a danger to our health but nothing has been is also stated in the reception area that this place is inadequate in all areas.surely this is a sign to close this place down for good. I am currently a patient here and I have experienced the worse care ever and I’m not even close to finishing treatment as we are currently in lockdown for 28 days maybe more depending on the COVID situation meaning all of our progress stops and we are no longer allowed to carry out tasks which lead to discharge wether we are doing well or not. This places answer to anything is medication and they don’t care about you once you are they weight they want you to be.they will tell you figures of everything even if you don’t want to know because apparently it’s a part of treatment.i cannot stress enough that you must not come here you will be treated like you are not human just because you have an ed

Like a prison. We were kept in dark rooms, alone with our thoughts, force fed with no therapy to help. Left with staff who had no clue what to do. Punished with biscuits, strengthening the thoughts that food was the enemy, no help to develop a good relationship with food and exercise. Self harm punished and not treated with care and support. Other inpatient hospitals are much better, if possible don’t go here!

If you don’t understand basic psychology you shouldn’t open a facility to treat a mental illness . This place should be closed down. I’m absolutely APPALLED by the lack of good care and the abuse done to young girls. Instead of being selfish and only setting up the first facility because you needed cash educate yourself and get a real job

I would definitely not rate this place. What is done here is absolutely unexeptable. I will always remember the way I was treated and so many other patients will agree it was way beyond wrong what is done there. I was niglected a human right. That was that I was not allowed outside as a punishment for simply being ill and needing that support. Prisoners are allowed outside. It does not matter how high risk levels are. We were kept like prisoners that have done something wrong. So so many staff and individuals were kind, caring people and I thank them with all my heart for that truly I do. Forever I will. However this was Rhodes Farm I am talking about. Rhodes Wood should be shut down. They all deserve better support and care. The rules inforced I am very sure should be illegal. Please,please as already said do not send your loved ones here. Rhodes Wood is not what care or support looks like, feels like.

Even the thought of this place makes me sick, although i have not been a patient at the new location the same regime is followed at Rhodes Wood as when it was Rhodes farm, which i had the misfortune of receiving inpatient treatment. The only way to describe it is mental abuse. Staff use food as a punishment to keep patients in line, many things that go on inside the walls are nothing other than torture.I experienced things i should never have had to and any hope you have when you are admitted is very quickly drained out of you by the cruelty of the program. I have attended other hospitals before and after my time here and none of the practices that go on in Rhodes are allowed to happen elsewhere. I have been suffering flashbacks and nightmares about the place ever since i left. DO NOT let your loved ones go here to be treated. It will break them and make them worse. I have more of a journey to go on as a result of that place than i did before being admitted

My daughter was treated here in August 2017. During her admission the unit was inspected for the first time by the Care Quality Commission. The report can easily be read online. The hospital achieved ‘good’ across all categories. This is fantastic for a first inspection, and reflects our family’s experience. The unit is well led, has passionate and kind staff, runs a coherent programme of treatment in line with the recommendations of the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, and includes personal and family therapy which seemed very successful. They offer treatment even to very, very ill children. The nurses and therapeutic care workers were lovely. Although staffing and the need for supervision mean that the patients spend almost all their time indoors the school seemed superb (and gave us very constructive and excellent feedback) and there are events such as massage, animation, dance etc onsite. For those who are well enough there is a fair programme of visits out of the unit. The medical staff are mostly locums at present but seemed approachable and sensible. There was an excellent parent support group and we were particularly impressed by the ‘expert by experience’, who has come to terms with anorexia and rebuilt her life, and who offers friendship and support to the patients.

Of course not everything is perfect. Getting into the unit to visit is particularly difficult; some of the rooms are very dark and the bedrooms get very hot (better lighting and air-conditioning to all bedrooms is being fitted at present). It seems the company listen to feedback and to the regular Patient Council.

An eating disorder is awful, and distorts perception. It is hardly surprising that some have left negative reviews since recovery is a very difficult road, but our experience was very positive. If you or your family need treatment I would like to assure you that Rhodes Wood will look after you kindly, following best practice, and give you every chance to regain a fulfilling and full life. Good luck!

You can go if you want but do keep in mind you’ll get less human rights and freedom than a prisoner

I’d give less if I could … This supposed eating disorder clinic,Should be SHUT DOWN.
Should also change there ” partners in care” signs as they are no longer part of this group.

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