Employee Feedback

The top questions prospective employees ask of current employees, and the top replies they get. Source: Indeed.co.uk

What is the work environment like?

“Bullying culture, gaslighting vulnerable staff and patients, discrimination, if you value your mental health avoid this lot. They ruin careers and will push you under the bus with no support. Blaming culture from weak managers all of whom appear to have Sociopathic traits. Avoid.”

“I was employed in CHAMS unit, had no proper support or supervision, my shifts pattern was not established appropriately and I didn’t get paid for doing overtime. The handover meetings were a joke. With some exception, most of the nurses in charge had no idea what they were doing, they were ridiculously rude and lacked proper manners when talking to their staff members. They ignored any feedback from healthcare assistants, they talked down to them and had big ego trips during handover meetings every day. They often used threats such as ‘if in your observation something happens you will go to prison’, they never blamed themselves for their own the inadequacies. I have never worked in such an awful place in my whole entire life before. The level of unprofessionalism is beyond belief. They have absolutely no interest in looking after their staff. There are staff shortages almost every day, staff are overworked and absolutely exhausted as they are not given their proper breaks. You are lucky if you get half an hour lunch break during a 12-hour shift. The patients are constantly at risk because of staff shortages, they have a lot of agency staff who are not trained properly to understand the needs of the patients. Patients are very unhappy, they don’t feel like their needs are being met, they feel neglected. Please, take my advise and do not apply for a job in CAHMS unit in Elysium healthcare.”

“The work environment is extremely dangerous, best case scenario this company destroys your career prospects, the worse case is you end up dead because Elysium refuses to hire enough staff to make the work environment safe. The managing director is fraud who is only interested in money.”

“Horrible. Dangerous, the high turn over in staff reflects this. If you have mental health issues avoid at all costs.”

How do you feel about going to work at Elysium Healthcare every day?

“Physically sick every time”

“Dread it every shift you know your going to be short staffed and agency useless half the time they are massive triggers. Love though how management will only address issues after they’ve had had patients attack them because of the rules they enforce on them but is fine for support staff to be attacked daily”Management are just rude, ignorant and bullies. Lack of support from them, ignore clinical decisions and override nurses decisions if a patient isn’t deemed suitable for the environment. Unapproachable, massive staff shortages.”

“Staff are on some wards so stressed but management don’t understand why as they’re not on the floor doing the hands on care or observations/interventions.”

“Management are just rude, ignorant and bullies. Lack of support from them, ignore clinical decisions and override nurses decisions if a patient isn’t deemed suitable for the environment. Unapproachable, massive staff shortages.”

“Stressed. Anxious, fearful, unsupported and bullied by gaslighting managers paid to, and sanctioned from above to treat staff in this way. Contracts changed with no consultations, told lies….avoid”

What would you suggest Elysium Healthcare management do to prevent others from leaving?

Not short staffing the wards and paying us better salaries. The money isn’t worth it when we are at risk of getting attacked and seeing horrible things.

What should you wear to an interview at Elysium Healthcare?

Nurses uniform always gives you the edge

If you were to leave Elysium Healthcare, what would be the reason?

Good staff leave, brown nosing sycophants stay. The culture of this company is as sick as the people they pretend to care for. Money rules.

If you were in charge, would would you do to make Elysium Healthcare a better place to work?

This organisation shouldn’t be running these units. Untrained staff tied up in policies that only benefit the company. If you complain, the victimise you out of a job. Sociopaths!


Pay: Monthly, not weekly
Leave: 3 sick days per 12 months
Shift Choice: If you are bank, you are zero hours. Regulars don’t get choice of shift
Shifts: Typically nurses and healthcare assistants work three 12.5 hour days, giving you four days off to rest
Payday: Last working day of the month


2 thoughts on “Employee Feedback

  1. Liza Lavender

    In a parent of a child that had to go to this unit which cahms enforced she went even though I expressed my concerns of the inadequate cqc inspection.
    What I found was that some staff are good not all and lack skills and direction from management.
    I found certain staff took advantage of young children at times and spoke rudely to parents and children if they were challenged by myself or by my daughter.
    There is a definite management problem to many chiefs not enough Indians as they say.
    Lack of understanding and consistency by staff which is a managers job to make sure these are carried out accordingly and delegated correctly so they can help these children to progress with there treatment.
    But what I will say there is certain staff that are very good and helped my daughter immensely.

  2. MartK

    They are always understaffed. You will work your butt off and they won’t support you when you get injured during a restraint or if a patient attacks you.


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